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The Isaiah Jones Homestead Bed and Breakfast Inn is a step back in time to the romantic and elegant Victorian era... Come join us on Cape Cod.

An elegant 1849 Victorian in charming historic Sandwich Village, MA the oldest town on Cape Cod, is furnished almost entirely with wonderful antiques. From the moment you enter... the curved staircase, beautiful woodwork, soft colors.... "the special place you've been looking for..."

165 Main Street , Sandwich, MA
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Thursday December 08, 2022
HN Photo: New Bedford District Court, 12/8/2022. On December 1st, Kathleen Flannery's case (including all files) was ordered transferred from Barnstable District Court to New Bedford District Court by a Regional Administrative Justice.   CENTERVILLE, Massachusetts ? A veteran attorney with the Plymouth District Attorney's Office was reportedly tasered by Barnstable police patrol officers after allegedly assaulting them.  She also allegedly threatened a ?rookie cop? with arbitrarily being placed on a Brady list, according to court documents initially filed in Barnstable District Court and later reassigned and transferred to New Bedford District Court. ???????????????.. HN NOTE: According to, the Massachusetts Brady List includes all known issues of police misconduct, do not call status, decertification, public complaints, use-of-force reports, and citizen reports. This information has been curated by journalists and private citizens; and, this platform is available as-a-service to all Peace Officer Standards & Training [POST] Departments, Prosecutors, and Law Enforcement Organizations [LEOrgs]?   ???????????????. Plymouth County Assistant District Attorney Kathleen Flannery is/was also a candidate to transfer and become an Assistant District Attorney with the Barnstable District Attorney's Office under incoming, recently elected district attorney candidate Rob Galibois, according to several sources. HN obtained the following Barnstable Police reports currently filed in New Bedford District Court [NOTE: HN has redacted the names and certain details related Flannery's alleged victims, but the rest of the following reports are typed as presented by the Barnstable Police Department, without edits.]: 1. On November 27, 2022 I Officer Corbett was assigned to uniformed patrol in marked Barnstable Police cruiser E-239 in Hyannis. At approximately 2059 hours I was dispatched to [a Centerville address] for a verbal domestic. Ptl. Brown was in the area and responded to assist. 2. Upon my arrival I made my way to the front door of the residence where I was met by a female party [?] who agreed to step out and speak to me in the driveway. [The female party] appeared to be very upset, she was visibly shaking and crying. [The female party] repeatedly stated to me ?I'm worried about the safety of my daughter being inside with her?. I returned to the front door and was met by [the female party's] daughter [?] I guided [the daughter] out of he residence. At this time [the female party's] Ex-husband [] came outside from a separate garage apartment on the premises and stated he would take care of [the daughter] for the time being. 3. I asked [the female party] who she had been arguing with, she stated it was her fiancé Kathleen Flannery who was still inside the house. Ptl. Brown went inside to speak with her. Please refer to Ptl. Brown's supplement narrative for further information [below]. While outside speaking to [the female party], she stated that her fiancé and her had been together for four years. [The female party] stated that their relationship is usually very happy, however when Kathleen is drinking she gets argumentative and sometimes violent. [The ex-husband] then interjected and stated that these arguments happen often and he was sick of them going undocumented. 4. At this time I went inside the residence to speak with Flannery as Ptl. Brown stood by with [the female party] outside. Flannery stated that she was packing her things to go to her mother's house in sandwich. As I spoke with Flannery in an attempt to ascertain what was going on, she repeatedly told me to call a detective in Yarmouth who could help her. I again stated to Flannery that I was simply trying to figure out what was going on tonight between the two. Flannery stated that she and [the female party] had been in an argument tonight and she had broken a glass because she was afraid that her fiancé was suicidal. Flannery then asked me if this incident was going to be documented, and if it would go on her record in a background check. I stated that I was currently investigating a verbal domestic dispute and that it would most likely be documented. Flannery immediately became upset and stated she was calling the business line of the Barnstable Police to get a new officer on scene. She repeatedly stated I was a ?rookie cop? and I should be ?looking forward to the Brady list?. In attempt to calm Flannery down I stated that I was going to return outside and that she should continue packing her things. 5. I returned outside and in an attempt to continue my investigation I asked [the female party] if any physical violence had occurred between herself and Flannery tonight. [The female party] stated ?yes there was, she pushed me in the chest and I hit a doorframe with my back.? I asked [the female party] if she required medical attention. She stated she did not. [The female party] did not have any visible injuries. [The female party] also showed me a video of Flannery smashing a glass on the floor and falling to the ground as if [the female party] had pushed her, although [the female party] was several feet away from Flannery. [The female party] stated that she would not send me these videos because she did not want Flannery to be arrested because Flannery was attempting to get a job as an Assistant District Attorney. [The female party] was advised of and given a copy of her 209A rights to which she acknowledged and signed, she did not wish to seek an Emergency Restraining Order at this time. A copy of the 209A form will be attached to this report. 6. I then made my way inside with Ptl. Brown and advised Flannery that she was under arrest. While attempting to take Flannery into custody, Flannery Immediately tensed up and pulled away from Ptl. Brown's grasp. As Ptl. Brown attempted to control Flannery's right wrist, Flannery said multiple time ?you're not arresting me? she also stated ?You're not arresting me I'm going to be an ADA working with you?. I then took control of Flannery's left wrist and repeatedly told Flannery to ?stop resisting?. I then attempted to secure Flannery's arms being her back. [HN NOTE: Flannery is described as weighing between 240 and 250 pounds in court documents.] ? Flannery was momentarily able to break free from our grasp. Flannery began thrashing violently with both arms, striking both Ptl. Brown and I in the chest. At this point due to Flannery's assaultive behavior towards officers, I performed a Modified leg sweep by grabbing Flannery's right arm and placing my left leg in front of her right leg, then forcing her to the ground. Upon reaching the ground, Flannery placed both her hands under her torso in an attempt to prevent officers from handcuffing her. I was able to remove her right arm from underneath her, while Ptl. Brown was able to secure Flannery's left arm. Flannery was handcuffed to the rear, I was unable to double lock the handcuffs due to Flannery's active resistance which posed a risk to officer safety. 7. As Ptl. Brown and I escorted Flannery from the residence, Flannery continued thrashing her arms and pushing with her body weight to affect our path, causing us to collide with walls and doorways. At several points on the way to my cruiser Flannery went limp and made Ptl. Brown and I carry her weight. Flannery Continued yelling ?No I'm not under arrest!? and continued thrashing her arms and legs. Upon reaching my cruiser Flannery immediately stated ?No you cannot put me in there!? As soon as I opened the door and Ptl. Brown attempted to put Flannery in the rear of E-239, Flannery began thrashing violently and attempted to push us back from the door with her body. Ptl. Brown and I repeatedly stated ?Stop resisting? and ?get in the car?. Ptl. Brown and I were able to physically assist Flannery in getting seated in the prisoner compartment, however her legs were still outside of the vehicle and she began thrashing them around. Flannery was able to lower herself in the seat and wedge herself in the door frame making it difficult to move her. Flannery continued to resist and yell that we ?could not arrest her?. Due to her noncompliance I radioed for an additional unit to assist. Due to Flannery's active resistance I drew my department issued Taser. I then turned on my Taser and advised Flannery that if she did not get into the car she was going to get tased. This had no affect and Flannery continued resisting our efforts to get her in the cruiser. I then activated my taser and performed a spark test in an attempt to gain compliance. Sparking the Taser had no effect on Flannery's behavior. She yelled ?You can't tase me! I'm not getting in the car? while continuing to thrash her legs. I then advised Flannery that she was going to get tased. Ptl. Brown grabbed Flannery's leg and I was able to make contact with Flannery's right thigh and activate my taser. The drive stun had immediate effect and Flannery put her legs inside the cruiser. I was able to secure the door. 8. I transported Flannery to BPD where she was booked by Sgt. Frederickson. While in route to BPD Flannery continuously reported medical issues that she wished to have addressed. Sgt. Frederickson requested that Hyannis Fire respond to the station to evaluate her. Ultimately Hyannis Fire did not transport Flannery to Cape Cod Hospital, as Flannery verbally refused medical attention at that time. CSO Percy responded to BPD to photograph the area at which the drive stun was deployed, as well as a small cut on Flannery's foot. It's important to mention that during the booking process Flannery stated ?I only smashed that glass to defend myself from [] her? 9. Upon returning to Barnstable Police I Filed a 51A on behalf of [redacted] due to neglect. A copy of the 51A will be attached to this report. As a result of this Incident Kathleen Flannery is being charged with the following: Chp 265/13M Assault and Battery Intimate Partner Chp 265/13D Assault and Battery on Police Officer Chp 265/13D Assault and Battery on Police Officer Chp 268/32B Resisting Arrest ?????????????????. The following is Barnstable Police Patrolman Travis Brown's report: On Sunday November 27, 2022 I was assigned uniformed patrol in the Hyannis area. At approximately 2100 hrs Ptl. Corbett and I were dispatched to [a Centerville address] for a report of a verbal domestic. The RP was the [daughter] of an involved party. Upon our arrival I approached the front door and observed two adult females through the glass with no apparent disturbance showing. I knocked on the door and I was greeted by a female [?] [The female party] stated that she ?did not feel safe? and exited the residence and spoke with Ptl. Corbett. Once the two parties were separated I then spoke with one participant, Kathleen Flannery. Ms. Flannery appeared intoxicated and was having difficulty comprehending simple instuctions. During our conversation, I explained our reason for being present, I advised her of my name several times and she advised me that she was an ADA multiple times. I advised her that we were investigating a possible ?verbal domestic? and that I was unaware of what [the female party] was telling Ptl. Corbett. I informed her that I would like to hear her ?side of the story?. According to Flannery, she stated that they had gone out, had a couple drinks at Sam Diego's Restaurant and then went to Cape Cod beer. They returned home and she went to bed. She was abruptly awoken by [the female party, her reported fiancé] whom she described as having mental health crisis and suffered from PTSD from childhood related circumstances. She further stated that she did not know what was going on, because she was ?sleeping? and did not [know] why we were there. I again explained our reason for being there. Ms. Flannery whom appeared to be somewhat [compliant] then offered to leave the residence and stay at her mother's house in Sandwich. She again reiterated that she was an ADA and had to gather some clothes for work in the morning. I informed her that I was not comfortable with her operating a motor vehicle and requested that she contact someone for a ride. She agreed and made contact with her brother. He was on his way to pick her up. Believing that we had come to an agreement and she would start gathering items I exited the house to speak with Ptl. Corbett. After a short period of time I re-entered the residence to find Ms. Flannery failing to pack belongings, she had decided that she had ?residency? and did not need to leave. I reminded her that she was the one whom suggested that she spend the night elsewhere, she suggested going to her mothers and she contacted her brother for a ride. I told her we agreed that would be the best resolution for the evening. I then again exited the residence to speak with Ptl. Corbett and [the female party]. [The female party] advised me that she has been in a four year relationship with Ms. Flannery and was fearful of her. She stated that when Ms. Flannery drinks she becomes a different person. I advised [the female party] on the R/O process and suggested she petition the court in the morning. I then asked Ptl. Corbett to check on the progress of Ms. Flannery. He entered the house, spoke with her and realized she was not gathering her belongings. Instead she was on the phone calling the police station to request different officers. When Ptl. Corbett came out and advised of her lack of progress, I exited [] my vehicle and started to head inside. At this point it was brought to our attention that [the female party] had in fact been assaulted [earlier]. She alleged that Ms. Flannery shoved her against a wall. She failed to relay this information earlier because she ?didn't want her to get in trouble.? We re-entered the house I asked Ms. Flannery to exit the bedroom where she was on the phone. When I asked her why she was on the phone and not packing she said that she was talking to one of her ?detectives?. I asked her to hang up the phone and step into the hallway she did so reluctantly. I asked her to place her hands behind her back. She refused. I then grabbed her wrist and she pulled away from me. I then asked her to stop resisting and to place her hands behind her back. She began thrashing back and forth pushing Ptl. Corbett and I up against walls and door jams as she actively resisted us. [Her] behavior made it impossible to handcuffed her. After she was asked several [times] to stop resisting she continued to struggle with us. She was ultimately guided to the floor. The residence was so cluttered that we had to be cognizant of the area in which we brought her to the floor. Once on the floor she placed her hands under her torso in an effort to evade the handcuffs.   Ptl. Corbett was able to dislodge her right arm and I was able to free her left. She was then handcuffed to the rear. We then immediately assisted her back on her feet and she was escorted outside to the police cruiser. She continued to resist the entire time we escorted her. She was pulling away from us and dragging her feet. Once at the police cruiser Ptl. Corbett opened the rear prisoner door. We asked Ms. Flannery to ?get in? she refused. We attempted to physically assist her into the cruiser. She continued to resist. She was kicking and thrashing, she lowered her center of gravity and slid down the seat toward the floor. Due to her steadfast refusal to comply and our failure to get her in the cruiser Ptl. Corbett radioed for another unit to assist us. We both threatened to tase her if she did not comply. Ptl. Corbett pulled his taser and activated the spark test hoping the visual would ignite compliance. Failing to alter her behavior [,] she was ultimately drive stunned on the thigh. She got right in the cruiser, the door was shut and she was transported to the station. ?????????????????? HN has attempted to reach out to ADA Kathleen Flannery at the Plymouth District Attorney's Office and was told by someone answering the phones that she was on ?personal leave right now.? I was asked, ?are you a defense attorney working on a case with her?? To which I replied that I just wished to speak with her. (I wanted to hear her side of the story.) Flannery is 33-years-old and is currently listed as residing in Centerville. Her current employer is listed as Plymouth County, according to documents filed in New Bedford District Court. Flannery was arraigned in Barnstable District Court on November 28, 2022. Her case was ordered to be transferred to New Bedford District Court by the Regional Administrative Justice on December 1, 2022. She is scheduled to appear for a pretrial hearing in New Bedford District Court on January 17, 2023. * The details contained in the above HN report are based on information from sources, including court documents. The defendant is presumed to be innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. P.S. ? Today's Hytown Vignette is brought to you by Creedence Clearwater Revival? [CLICK IT/CRANK IT!]   The post ASSISTANT D.A. TASERED AFTER ALLEGEDLY ASSAULTING BARNSTABLE POLICE OFFICERS WHILE MAKING BRADY LIST THREATS, COPS REPORT first appeared on Hyannis News - News & Information for Hyannis Cape Cod.
Seven Sandwich Nonprofits Receive $10,000 in Grants
Thursday December 08, 2022
SANDWICH ? The Cape Cod Foundation awarded $10,000 to seven Sandwich nonprofits and organizations.  The grants come from the Fund for Sandwich. The donations were made in honor of Frederick S. Lane, who was a supporter of the fund.  ?The nonprofit organizations that received grants are providing nutritious meals, assistance with fuel bills, grief support, [?] The post Seven Sandwich Nonprofits Receive $10,000 in Grants appeared first on
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